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We’ll buy your boat, even if you don’t buy ours.


Tell us about your boat.

Submit your boat information by filling out a quick form. Only takes 1-2 minutes.

Receive a 7 day offer.

We thoroughly research “Current Fair Market Value” for your boat, and send you an offer good for 7 days.

Get paid cash on the spot.

We handle the paperwork, pick up your boat if needed, and pay you and/or your lender if there's a loan.


We put extensive research into the value of your boat using all of our resources, including comparable boats on the market right now, the condition of your boat, along with current market and financing conditions
No, we can make an offer based on your description. However, the offer is pending physical inspection of the boat
Yes, we have trailers available and would be happy to pick-up your boat at your local marina or boat ramp.
Our offers are valid for 7 days.
We handle the payoff to your lender and spilt funds as agreed upon. Example: we offer you $75,000 for your boat on which you owe $50,000 - we would pay off $50,000 to your lender and write you a check or wire transfer the balance of $25,000
We will write a check to the lender for the agreed upon purchase price and you will be responsible for paying the remaining balance. For example: if we agree to purchase your boat for $50,000 and you owe your lender $55,000 - then we would pay the bank the $50,000 and you would take care of the $5,000 to the lender in order to satisfy the lien and get a release and title.
The fastest and easiest way is to physically bring your boat and title and or registration to our location during business hours. Please call ahead of time to let us know you are coming.
If you plan to sell your boat to us make sure you bring the boat title, manuals , receipts, etc, and all accessories belonging to the boat.

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